Dirt Dota Website Founder

Dirty Dota or Rogers Lake Skatepark is a public skatepark in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. Myself and a couple friends started an Instagram for Dirty Dota in 2017 and recently opened it up to all the locals to run collectively. We strive to promote diversity, spread good vibes, and a shared goal of having all wheels welcome.

I started the website for Dota in 2020 as a way for us to promote content and find ways to fundraise for the park. The site is built on WordPress and used a lot of HTML fixed and tweaks.

We recently advocated to the city of Mendota Heights to save the skatepark due to pushback from city administrators that wanted to see the skatepark removed. The locals took it upon ourselves to start a petition on change.org that quickly received over 1000 signatures over the 4 days we had to prepare before the City Council Meeting on Sept. 1st. The City Council decided to push the discussion back to the Parks Board and it was decided that they should look into new options and to get the locals more involved with the city.

Team Treehouse Member 2011-2016

I was a Team Treehouse member for 5 years and spent that time learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby some PHP, and WordPress. In my time working in the Team Treehouse Community I was regularly active in question boards to help other users learn and earned 465 Achievements while using the platform.